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About Starline

Allow us to introduce the Starline Limo Bus, the future of luxury travel. The Starline Limo Bus is an unparalleled vehicle, being the latest brand to hit the streets of the UK. Made by a specialist organisation the Starline blends mechanical genius with visual beauty, providing itself as a modern solution for party travel. Being a product of engineering and design freedom the vehicle sells itself, exhibiting a uniqueness that cannot be found in any other limo or party bus.

The Starline Party Bus has been crafted to speak to the modern traveller, built with customer’s expectations in mind. We have created this site to celebrate the vehicle, allowing those who are interested in the Starline the ability to learn about its features and the opportunities buying one can open.

With London already owning a fleet of Starline buses it appears that they have proven to be the perfect transport option for various events.

Who hires the Starline?

The Starline is a popular vehicle choice for:


Inside the Starline

Seating 16 passengers in side facing (limo style) seats, the Starline is the perfect transport option for large groups wanting to indulge in great transport. The stunning leather trimmed seats are both comfortable and attractive, made by cutting edge interior designers.

In addition to comfort the vehicle also showcases a wealth of other features including:

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